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Miami County Radio Club Members – Dayton VA is asking for help, please read below.   W8DVA on QRZ

Greetings –

Here’s a message about the newly formed Dayton Veterans Administration Radio Club (DVARC).  This probably is a club that should be supported regionally.  DARA has been providing financial support for about the past year or so for construction of a HF/VHF/UHF capable station.  The station was started to be a recreational station for VA Hospital patients to use and also for emcomm with other regional hospitals in time of disaster or communication emergency.

Chris Geib W8CWG is Trustee for the club.  With your permission, Chris will add you to his email list to keep you informed.  Reply to him directly, or to this message, and let him know.  Thanks.

Fred Stone
(m) (937) 848-4112

From: Chris Geib []

Do you have a General or higher class amateur license? Are you interested in helping our Wounded Warriors? We are the Dayton Veterans Administration Radio Club (DVARC) and we are reaching out to area amateurs to join us. Studies have shown that getting vets who are suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD), and loss of limbs involved in amateur radio is therapeutic. Want to be part of the solution? Then contact Chris Geib, W8CWG at or (937) 344.4374 for more information on DVARC and how you can help our Wounded Warriors.
73, Chris Geib, W8CWG, Retired
USAF Veteran
Dayton VA Radio Club Trustee
Laurel VE Team Member
I’m a member of:image001




Smooth QSL

Smooth QSL is a simple QSL manager designed for amateur radio clubs in mind. The primary design consideration is a simple, effective way for hams of all computer skill levels to be able to upload ADIF logs and to provide a quick and easy way for hams to download their QSLs for the club. Designed originally to support the Silvercreek Amateur Radio Association’s 40th Anniversary Special Event.


Ronald Sweeney

Want to help out the club!     Make your donation today and also take a tax deduction!

 The Troy Foundation announced today in the Dayton Daily News a program to assist 501(c)(3) organizations serving the needs in Troy. This would be an excellent opportunity to support our club with an individual donation that would then be matched up to $250 each. This is a very generous opportunity offered by The Troy Foundation. The matching funds are limited to the first $45,700 applied for.

The match can be achieved by mailing or dropping off your check, made payable to The Troy Foundation, with a notation of the organization (TMS) and others that you intend to receive the gift.  The Troy Foundation  mentioned that there are already generous contributors taking advantage of this opportunity…so don’t wait!

Can be as low as $25.00


Hello All!

Hope you all had an awesome holiday and are all set for 2017!

Since we have a lot of new Hams, thought I would send out an e-mail regarding the MCARC Miami County Emergency Services Net Control.

For the new Hams, we, as a club operate two nets; the W8FW on Sunday nights at 9 pm and the W8SWS on Thursday nights at 8 pm. I am the “Net Manager” for the W8FW Emergency Services Net, which means I schedule the nets and make sure the Emergency Coordinator (“EC”), Assistant Emergency

Coordinator (“AEC”) get the net reports. Scott, N8VTU is the “Net Manager” for the W8SWS Net, he performs the same duties for that net.

Scott and I are always looking for new net control operators to run the nets.  It’s great to learn how to do a net and learn net control procedures.  We do this to prepare and learn how to pass “traffic” (messages) and to learn the skills needed in case of an emergency. We activate nets for weather (Skywarn), public service and of course disasters if and when they occur.  It’s a good thing to be prepared!

I’m working on a new net control schedule now for 2017 and thought this would be a great time to send out a QST (calling all stations) and see if anyone, especially new Hams, are interested in joining the net control rotation for the nets for this New Year. Please seriously think about it and consider participating.  It’s not a hard thing to learn, there’s even a basic written procedure that even a “trained monkey” (aka KD8GEH) was able to learn easily.

Please consider participating and let me know if you’re interested. Let us know which net fits your schedule best (I do both!) and we would be happy to add you to the rotation schedule. We really need to have some new people join the net control rotation and have more operators trained for events and in case of emergencies.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thanks the current net control operators for their service:

NB8D Steve, KD3SQ Chuck, WB8PMG Dave, KD8GKJ Craig, N8VTU Scott, KE8RG John, KE8CPJ DJ, WB8LDW Tom

Thanks in advance for the help!

73 DE,
Dave Ziegler KD8GEH
W8FW Net Manager