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To All,

Here is the info for the Run for the Rails In Bradford Ohio:

The race will take place in Bradford, Ohio on the 13th of October 2018. The main race starts at 0830 AM Sharp per the sponsor. There will be a small, short children’s run at 0800. The course is an out and back using the same streets in both directions. The streets and the one mile of county road will almost certainly be blocked off. The route is as follows: Begins and ends on N. Miami Avenue which is the main street of Bradford. The course proceeds north to the Corner of  RT721 (which is the name of N. Miami Rd  in the county) and Children’s Home RD to the West and Klinger Rd to the East. (The difference in names is that the Miami County / Darke County lines is the Middle of St Route 721). The course then turns left or West and heads towards the intersection of Zerber Rd and Children’s Home Rd. The participants are then turned back the exact way they came back towards Bradford.  We actually did some testing and we know that the Baofengs had issues at the start/finish line. Testing also indicated that it was tough to impossible to run HT to HT on simplex or via the repeater due to the distance and power issues.

Frequencies:  The following frequencies will be used in the order listed and as DIRECTED by net control.  All Frequencies are simplex frequencies. Please insure that radio(s) that you will be using have had the frequencies installed and tested at least a week prior to the event.


Frequency                    Frequency ID


145.56                                 TAC 1

146.535                              TAC 2

146.565                              TAC 3


Name                   Call                       Tactical Call                       Location                                 Comments

……………………………….     SHADOW                             As required                         Should Shadow Mr. Petty, the Main Race official, HT Should Work

Tim Mc                AA8TI                    NET CONTROL                  Start/Finish Line                Hi Power Go Kit and Portable Antenna

Linda MC             KD8LDA               FRITTER                              Kids Turn                              HT – Non Baofeng. Should be line of sight

Tom S.                  WB8LDW             CORNER                              First Intersection               Hi Power Go Kit

Pam S.                  KC8PAM               STRETCH                            Along Children’s Rd          Mobile Car Radio

Paul S                   WA1EIB                 REWIND                             Zerber/Children’s Rd        Mobile Car Radio


This will be a directed net. All communication will go through net control. If you need to talk to another station, you will have to ask Net Control because of our situation. Net control may have to relay if required. Use the Tactical Call sign at all times. On the very last transmission Net Control and the station should use their tactical call and at the very end use their own call.  Since I doubt any of these exchanges will go over ten minutes this will keep us legal. EG.

NET CONTROL, this is REWIND, all runners have passed this station, request permission to secure.

REWIND, this is NET CONTROL, permission granted.

NET CONTROL  this REWIND  and we are secure. Have a good day. WA1EIB Clear



If you have any questions give me a call on the radio



Mesh Net: WB8LDW

WB8LDW has been working with William Curtice WA8APB and the Mesh Net guys and has some tentative plans in place. He provided an aerial topography map of the 911 center, MCARC clubhouse and Hobart Arena (see attachment –ed). The average elevation from 911 to Hobart Arena and from the Clubhouse to 911 is favorable. The path from the Clubhouse to Hobart Arena is not. WB8LDW and Bill Curtice agreed that there is nothing that can’t be overcome. Bill Curtice also selected a location with the best path to DARA and 911. It is the QTH of AE8I.

Troy Mesh Net Path Plots.pdf