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Below and attached is the 2Q 2017 Miami County ES Net roster.  As always, we are always looking for new net control ops.  If you interested feel free to drop me a line and I will get you into the rotation.

Also included is the latest net preamble.

Let me know if you have any conflicts or concerns.

Thanks and Best 73,
Dave  KD8GEH
W8FW ES Net Manager

Miami County ARC May – July  Sunday Night ES Net Schedule

145.23  W8FW Repeater  9PM




Net report to D3 EC , Cc:  AEC and Net Manager:

EC: Dave Stein KC9NVP

AEC: Dave Robinson WB8PMG

Net Manager: Dave Ziegler KD8GEH

Sunday Night W8FW Net Preamble
Note- The W8FW repeater automatically sets the double beep (Net only) and opens with a recorded message at 9 PM EST. Begin the net after the message plays. As with all Amateur communication, please take your time and listen carefully for low power or distant stations.
NOTE:  This should work for the 147.210  W8SWS service net at 8:00 PM  Thursdays as well – Robert KD8GEB.
All stations:  Good evening and welcome to the Miami County ARES/RACES Emergency Services Voice Net. This net is held every Sunday evening at 9 PM local time.
This is a directed net being held on the 145.23 W8FW repeater, owned and operated by the Miami County Amateur Radio Club in Troy, Ohio. In the event of a repeater failure
or interference, we will switch to the W8SWS northern repeater also owned and operated by the Miami County Amateur Radio Club in Troy, Ohio. Please note the W8SWS
repeater operates with a 67 hertz tone access.
This net is open to all amateurs and all are welcome to check into the net and participate.
You do not have to be a member of any particular club, the ARRL, ARES or RACES to participate. Your net control for tonight is (Your call) , my name is (Your name) and I’m located in (your location) .
At this time I’ll pause for any emergency, priority or time-valued traffic. If any such traffic exists, please call net control now.
Let’s start with general check-ins at this time. When checking in, please give me your call sign, your call sign phonetically, your name, and finally your location. Please indicate whether you have traffic, no traffic, or comments to share with the group. Please listen carefully, space yourselves out between check-ins and use common courtesy when addressing the net.
Let’s call with mobile stations at this time. Mobile stations only please call net control now.
Let’s now call for fixed or base stations. Fixed or base stations please call net control now.
Now let’s call for hand held or low power stations, please call net control now.
(Comments announcements etc from the check-ins)
Let’s call for late check-ins at this time. Please call net control now. This is (your call) net control Miami County ARES/RACES Emergency Services Net.
Anything additional from those already checked-in. Additional announcements, thoughts, comments or queries, please re-check now.
(Address, Direct re-checks)
I’d like to thank all of those who participated this evening. There were (number) stations checked in this evening. Everybody have a great and safe week!
As always, please be sure to check your go kits, emergency gear and HT batteries occasionally and make sure all equipment is prepared and ready in case an emergency.
Please stand by while I reset the courtesy tone and return the repeater to normal amateur use.
(Reset tone)
73’s all around. This is (Your call/Name) and we are clear this net. Good night all!
DEZ/KD8GEH rev 11-06-16


Voice Net Control Schedules

Schedule for the 145.230  W8FW service net at 9:00 PM  Sundays.

Hello All!

Hope you all had an awesome holiday and are all set for 2017!

Since we have a lot of new Hams, thought I would send out an e-mail regarding the MCARC Miami County Emergency Services Net Control.

For the new Hams, we, as a club operate two nets; the W8FW on Sunday nights at 9 pm and the W8SWS on Thursday nights at 8 pm. I am the “Net Manager” for the W8FW Emergency Services Net, which means I schedule the nets and make sure the Emergency Coordinator (“EC”), Assistant Emergency

Coordinator (“AEC”) get the net reports. Scott, N8VTU is the “Net Manager” for the W8SWS Net, he performs the same duties for that net.

Scott and I are always looking for new net control operators to run the nets.  It’s great to learn how to do a net and learn net control procedures.  We do this to prepare and learn how to pass “traffic” (messages) and to learn the skills needed in case of an emergency. We activate nets for weather (Skywarn), public service and of course disasters if and when they occur.  It’s a good thing to be prepared!

I’m working on a new net control schedule now for 2017 and thought this would be a great time to send out a QST (calling all stations) and see if anyone, especially new Hams, are interested in joining the net control rotation for the nets for this New Year. Please seriously think about it and consider participating.  It’s not a hard thing to learn, there’s even a basic written procedure that even a “trained monkey” (aka KD8GEH) was able to learn easily.

Please consider participating and let me know if you’re interested. Let us know which net fits your schedule best (I do both!) and we would be happy to add you to the rotation schedule. We really need to have some new people join the net control rotation and have more operators trained for events and in case of emergencies.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thanks the current net control operators for their service:

NB8D Steve, KD3SQ Chuck, WB8PMG Dave, KD8GKJ Craig, N8VTU Scott, KE8RG John, KE8CPJ DJ, WB8LDW Tom

Thanks in advance for the help!

73 DE,
Dave Ziegler KD8GEH
W8FW Net Manager

Schedule for the 147.210  W8SWS service net at 8:00 PM  Thursdays.
If you need to make a change or not able to make your scheduled time please call N8VTU Scott at 937-916-8942 if unable to reach me at this number leave a msg. at 937-773-5170, or email me at N8VTU@ARRL.NET.
Please let me know as soon as possible so I can try and make other arrangements.
If there is anyone that would like to be added to the rotation please contact me at the above information.
Thanks and 73,
Scott Johnson N8VTU
W8SWS Net Manager


Note:   Please let me know of any corrections/additions and I will try try to update it as soon as I can.  Robert KD8GEB


The Ohio ARES Digital Net (USB) is on 3582 khz.  The Net occurs after the W8SGT Ohio ARES Voice Net on 3785 / 7240 khz is finished.  The voice net starts at 6pm local time and usually last 15 to 30 minutes depending on number of stations.

I will start the net using Olivia 500/16 on 3582khz (+/- QRM) dial frequency in USB mode with a center waterfall frequency of 1000hz.   I will ask for stations by ARES District.  All stations in this E-Mail are in District 3.

All stations are welcome to participate and I hope to see a good turnout for the Ohio Section and  ARES District 3.


Traffic Nets Serving Ohio


(from Monday Morning Memo)

Mark Lewis, WO8A, informs us the daily 3.952 Old Geezers Net is routinely having 20+ stations check in each morning with a good number of these stations located in South Central Ohio.

The Old Geezers meet daily at 8 am every morning except Sunday.  It’s also learned that long-time net control Dan Ludwick, WA8HGF, has returned to his Highland County home after being hospitalized during a Florida vacation.

DMR.. Hey Everyone on DMR – The Ohio Talkgroup Net is now set to be every Wednesday night at 8:30pm EST. Don’t forget, there will be an Ohio Statewide DMR Net every Wednesday night starting this coming Wednesday!!!  Come, join in on the fun and learn more about DMR from those who are on.

 Have we gotten you to look into this new (old) mode yet? I’ve been busy propagating the website with lots and lots of information about DMR. Please, go take a look at the website and see if it isn’t something that really is gonna’ be FUN for you to do.  Here’s the link:


Here is a list of Ohio NTS HF daily nets, frequencies, times and net managers.  All licensed hams are welcome to check in with or without radiogram traffic.

BN(E) – Buckeye Net Early – CW –  WB8YLO NET MANAGER – 3580 at 6:45

BN(L) – Buckeye Net Late  – CW –  WB9LBI NET MANAGER –   3590 at 10:00 pm

OSN – Ohio Slow Net – CW –  W8OLO NET MANAGER –   3.53535 at 6PM

OSSBN – Ohio Single Sideband Net – Phone – KC8WH NET MANAGER –

                        3972.5 at 10:30 AM, 4:15PM AND 6:45 PM

 The Ohio Talkgroup Net is changing from having a net on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday to EVERY Wednesday night at 8:30pm EST, starting January 4th.  Don’t forget, there will be an Ohio Statewide DMR Net every Wednesday night starting in the new year.

David Maynard, WA3EZN – STM

First let’s start off with a correction.  Last month I listed the times and frequencies for several CW nets.  The Hit and Bounce slow net frequency was wrong. The Hit and Bounce slow net meets on 7.112 at 7:30 am local time.  Also the Hit and Bounce net meets on 7.112 at 8:30 am local time. Both nets meet on the same frequency an hour apart.

Using CW Abbreviations and Q Signals

Abbreviations are very commonly used in CW. They save time and are one reason why CW is so cool. Once you have learned some of the abbreviations as well as CW operating techniques, you are “in”, you’re a member of the CW using fraternity. Knowing and using CW correctly is kinda’ like belonging to an exclusive club. Anybody can pick up a microphone and talk on the ham bands; doing CW requires skill and finesse.

Here I’ve listed some of the more common abbreviations and Q signals used on CW. There are more abbreviations available in many places, I will just mention a few of the most commonly used.

ADR    address          GN    good night   RIG    station equipment

AGN   again             GND ground         RPT    repeat

BK      break             GUD good             SK      end of transmission

BN      been                 HI     laugh           SRI    sorry

C         yes                  HR    here             SSB    single side-band

CL      closing             HV   have            TMW   tomorrow

CUL   see you later    HW   how            TNX-TKS  thanks

DE     from                    N    no               TU       thank you

DX     distance           NR    number        UR      yours

ES       and                 NW   now             VY      very

FB      fine business   OM   old man       WX     weather

GA     go ahead         PSE    please         XYL    wife

GB     good bye         PWR  power         YL       young lady

GE     good evening    R   received         73        best regards

GM    good morning  RCVR receiver     88       love and kisses

And the International “Q” signals, recognizable in any language:

QRL    is frequency busy?    QRT   stop sending

QRM   interference               QRX   wait, standby

QRN    noise, static               QSB   fading

QRO    increase power          QSL   acknowledge receipt

QRP    decrease power          QSY   change frequency

QRS    send slower                QTH   location


It seems that there were a few errors in my first attempt at posting these nets. So, after getting some additional updates from all of you, here we go with what I hope is an accurate list of some of the nets around the state..

Ohio Local Nets

Burning River Traffic Net (BRTN), 9:30 PM daily, 147.150 MHz, W8DJG manager

Central Ohio Traffic Net (COTN), 7:15 PM (19:15), daily,  146.970 MHz (Columbus RPTR), KD8TTE manager

Miami Valley Traffic Net (MVTN), 7:00 PM Mon, Thurs, Sat, 146.640 MHz,  KC8HTP manager

Northwest Ohio ARES Net (NWOHARES), 6:30 PM, daily, 146.610 MHz, PL 103.5, N8TNV manager

Tri-County Traffic Training Net (TCTTN), 9:00 PM Sun, Tues, Fri, 147.015 MHz, KI8U manager

Tri-State Amateur Traffic Net (TATN), 8:00 PM daily, 146.670 MHz, PL 123.0, WG8Z manager

Ohio Section Nets


Ohio Single Sideband Net (OSSBN), 10:30 AM, 4:15 PM and 6:45 PM daily, 3.972.50 MHz, KC8WH manager


Buckeye Net (Early), BN-E, 6:45 PM daily, 3.580 MHz, WB8YLO manager

Buckeye Net (Late), BN-L, 10:00 PM daily, 3.590 MHz, WB9LBI manager

Ohio Slow Net (OSN), 6:00 PM daily, 3.53535 MHz, W8OLO manager (? See above)

For the latest Section Traffic Monthly Report go to:


Ohio Statewide Net meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday night at 8:30pm local on the Ohio Talk Group

Kentucky Statewide Net meets every Thursday night at 8pm local on the Kentucky Talk Group

Ohio HF Digital

OHDEN will meet 3585 USB

OLIVIA 8/500/PSK31 alternate, with MT63 1K for bulletins. Frequency: 3585Khz, 7072KHz alternate.

MT63 2K on VHF/UHF with PSK as an alternate (Assigned locally)

HF Digital Net Manager:
Eldon E. Peterson, W5UHQ



Hey gang, don’t forget to check-in on the weekly Wednesday night DMR net tonight, there are averaging over 60 check-ins each week, and it’s growing!! Come join in on the fun, Wednesday nights at 8:30p local on the 3139 Ohio statewide Talkgroup.

The North American Tech Net that meets Wednesday 9pm EST TG: 3 and of course there’s the After HamNation Net following the HamNation program on Wednesday’s on TG: 311

Here’s another DMR net that you may not have known about. I got this information from Dave, KD8BQN. Dave runs the TAC310 net every Sunday on DMR at 0000Z. So be looking to check into that net as well, if you can.


(from Steve, W8TER)

Wednesdays at 9:00 pm

1st Wednesday of the month is on 50.400 AM mode.

2nd Wednesday of the month is on 52.525 FM mode.

3rd Wednesday of the month is on 50.125 USB mode.

4th Wednesday of the month is on 52.525 FM mode.

5th Wednesday of the month is on 52.525 FM mode.

PLEASE JOIN US…on the air

There is also a 6-meter net on Thursday at 9pm on 50.255 USB

I also got notified of a Sunday night net on 6-meters, from Fred, KD8GYS in Sterling, Ohio.

The Net is on every Sunday Evening at 19:00 Hrs. on 53.170 with a input of 52.170 and Pl’s of 107.2 Akron, 110.9 Loudonville, 123.0 Stone Creek and 136.5 Richfield as well as Echo link, All Star and 440 W8WKY Doylestown, Oh.

It’s also linked with N2KEJ in New Jersey. As of now we cover 27 counties in Ohio, 3 counties in Pa. My goal when I was asked to run the net, was to get 50 check ins 4 years ago.

The repeater also has the NWS weather alert system connected to advise all listeners of Alerts from Ashland, Wayne, Holmes, Medina, Stark and Summit counties.

Keep 6 Meters going strong check in join the net when possible.

Here is another net that you may want to add to your list of nets. It’s the South Eastern Ohio Ragchew Net 28.485 MHz, 2100 every Sunday –  we thank Lyn, N8IMW for that information…

Scott Yonally, N8SY
Section Manager – Ohio
ARRL – The National Association For Amateur Radio™