Come out and learn all about the exciting world of ham radio!


Amateur Radio is the original social networking technology!

A hundred years ago – long before computers, ipads, cell phones, the Internet, wifi, or other communications technologies existed – Amateur Radio operators (hams) were talking with each other across town and around the world.

Hams today use a variety of the latest technologies to communicate wirelessly by Morse code, voice, and computer – completely independent of any commercial infrastructure such as telephone lines or cell towers.

Once you have the radio it is all free. There are no subscriptions or connection charges; and unlike cell phones, ipads, and wifi, you can do it from anywhere. You can get started for around $100, and for less than the cost of a good computer, you can have a complete Amateur Radio station that allows you to communicate with other hams around town or thousands of miles away – literally around the world when radio wave propagation is right.

Amateur Radio is the most powerful and versatile personal communications available to anyone who makes the effort to get a license. You must pass a test, but the entry level (Technician) is not hard. Once you get involved, it is also not that hard to upgrade to the General license.

There are many aspects to Amateur Radio. Aside from being just plain fun, it provides you with the ability to communicate in an emergency or from a remote location when telephones, cell phones, the Internet are not available. It is an excellent way to learn about math, science, and technology and can help you on the way to an exciting and well-paying engineering and technical career. You will be able to have very interesting conversations with people from all over the world, in a way that is very different from the telephone or Internet instant messaging, chat rooms, and social networking sites.

We encourage anyone interested in technology and/or in talking with people in different places to explore Amateur radio. At any given time, depending on radio propagation and other factors, we may make contacts with stations across the country and around the world. The “magic” of ham radio is that we can do this without relying on telephone lines, cell towers, the Internet, or anything else.

You do need a license to transmit on Amateur Radio frequencies by yourself, however you do not need a license to get on the air under the supervision of a licensed operator.

It does help if you have a general idea of what ham radio is, how it works, and most importantly the basics of how to talk on the radio. Like any other hobby – and especially any other form of electronic communication, there are certain procedures and words used. The exam classes that this club teaches as well as other activities will help you learn about ham radio so that you can have fun at any one of a multitude of events.

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Quick and Easy Cheat Sheet to Learn How to Operate a Ham Radio

Amateur radio

Our many thanks go out to the 2019 Miami County Foundation, which does a great work for the community, from whom the Miami County Amateur Radio Club received a $3610 grant to upgrade the Piqua Amateur Repeater (W8SWS) antenna system.

At approximately 36 minutes, 40 seconds, during their Spring Grant ceremony, President Scott Swink KB8JOY presented a brief description of the grant amount, and the purpose, which is to enhance the repeaters operation.


Taken from:   www.military.com/veterans-day/vietnam-veterans-day

All of our business meetings and activities are free and open to the public. You do not need to be a member of the club, or have a ham license, to attend. We often go to Frisch’s restaurant after the business meeting.


Next Regular Business Meeting will be:

Monday, May 27, 2019 @ 7 PM

MCARC meetings for the months of March – November 2019 will be held at the Troy/Tipp City Robinson YMCA, in Classroom A. (3060 South Co. Rd 25A, Troy, OH 45373)




One-Day Tech Class at the DAYTON HAMVENTION.